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Various Paleo Hebrew, Modern Hebrew and Greek fonts available to preview and download. This includes the Paleo Bora Light font used in the BetHaShem texts and on the web site.
Some dialogues, questions and answers. Helpful insights into the midrash understanding not covered in the content listed above.
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Materials of Bayit HhaSham are provided by servants of Aharúwan/Aaron as a ministry for your Name of Light.
The materials are permitted to be copied without modifications to maintain intentions.
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There are some who appropriate significant portions of Bet HaShem documents without permission, injecting their own ideas into the teachings without properly distinguishing between what originates within the Midrash and their own thoughts. This practice is confusing and unlawful. Although it would be unseemly for the Midrash to litigate against such exploitation, it is nevertheless prudent to alert visitors to this site that unauthorized plagiarism of BHM material has been a disruptive challenge for many years.

The authentic Bet HaShem teachings are posted on this website. Midrash teachings are complex and highly nuanced; and rogue distortions of those teachings misrepresent the Midrash, discourage those who might be strengthened by encountering authentic Midrash teachings firsthand, and are harmful to those persisting in such practices, even after repeatedly being asked not to do so.

Crowndiamond.org reflects the foundational teachings of the Midrash without plagiarism. Those BHM materials available on that site are with permission.