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The Midrash is a not-for-profit organization. All these works are available on this web site free of charge, but for those who wish so, hard copies of these works are available at the charge of producing and shipping these materials.

To order hard copies of these midrash works or Paleo Hebrew Torah scrolls, please fill in the form below indicating which works you are interested in. We'll reply indicating the current price of production and shipping, and a link for sending the payment.

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Ancient Hebrew Torah Scrolls
The publication of the Torah scrolls follow the same word organization as found in the Hebrew Bible that correspond to those writings in the Quram caves, the distinction being they are typeset in the Ketav Levonah Ancient Hebrew font.

Publications are available as soft or hard covers, stitched or coil bound. Sewn hardcover binding will be priced per production quantity.

Sepher Maoshah BeRashshith / Genesis (View PDFs)

Sephuwr Yetsiat Metsryim / Exodus (View PDFs)

Teuwrat HhaKuwahnim / Leviticus (View PDFs)

Chamesh HhaPekudim / Numbers (View PDFs)

Meshneh Tuwrahh / Deuteronomy (View PDFs)

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