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What is Bet HaShem Midrash? Where is it located?

The terminology of Bet HaShem appears in the writings/days of the Kings, when Yedidyahu (Solomon) built a house to YahúWah, whereby it is called the House/Bet of the Name/HaShem, rendered as Bayit HhaSham.

The term, midrash, pertains to inquiries into the Body of congruent members and all that is formed by mutual associations. It is an ever renewing state of enlightenment that is formed from the offerings of each day.

The Bet HaShem Midrash is conveyed in Tehillah/Psalm 27:4: One thing I have sought...this shall I seek/inquire...to dwell in the House of YahúWah. The House of The Name is the dwelling state of all generations, being formed by the suspension of thoughts within collective members that abide together as one. Tehilliah/Psalm 90.

Bet HaShem is the dwelling state of those pursuing Enlightenment. The work in this realm is manifested by the union of Names. The work of the midrash continues in New Haven, IN, and in various countries.

Are the four headed beast having the faces of a lamb, man, lion, and eagle represent the four divisions of the tribes camped around the tabernacle in the wilderness on all four sides? Shalom M.

If so, M., the 4 faces would be on all 4 sides of the Mishkan. Each side of the tabernacle is comprised of Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge, and there is one of the Lauwi/Levites that serve on each side. The eagle conveys Understanding; the lion Wisdom, the lamb refers to Knowledge, and the man expresses the maShiach who embodies all the Words of YahúWah in all measures of Understanding, Wisdom, and Knowledge.

These faces are in the neviim/prophets also. We understand that they refer to sections of the Teúwrah/Torah: the lion pertains to the Ordinances; the eagle to the Commandments; the ox to the Statutes, and the man to the Charges.

We have discontinued eating flesh of animals, considering that they are of the structure of the divided mortal state, selecting rather the unified body of plants instead.

As to the chicken, there have been many pros and cons. In that it eats the flesh of others, we have dismissed it. Since it is of the bahamah, having a spirit to regulate its body, we do not take into our own hands the life of another, nor the flesh thereof.

Plants are forms of intelligence also; however, they do not have a spirit to warm their body. Rather they are regulated by the temperature of the air and water within and surrounding them; whereas the beast have spirit--a fiery breath that regulates the temperature and state of its body.

Can you elaborate concerning the manner in which associations effect consciousness? Also in the sense of affiliation and agreement with those who are not conscious?

The effect of associations has to do with the Rings and how they are aligned within one. As we are associated with another, we enter into one another's rings, and what is there is carried into us and we unto them, only if one has the room to receive that which is within another. Can the illumination of one enter into another if they do not have the room to receive it? Yet the darkness of another can enter into one who has been opened by the illumination for they have entered into the darkness, and what one walks in enters into them, as one that walks in the water, so the water enters into them. Can Seed grow in rocky soil, or will it fail to take root and thus die? Enriched are they who can receive from each other, and impoverished are the ones who give their seed unto another and it perishes.

How can you have First Fruits....Death of First Borns at the head of Pesach, and then have "First Fruits" again later............?

The old/former state dies, as the first born of Pharaoh, so that the new may be born, evidenced by the initial wave sheaf of maShiach, which is the initial first fruit pattern (on the Shavbeth/Sabbath at the end of Pesach), after which comes the evidence within our members on the 50th Shebuoúwt/Shavuot.

We do not abide in the world and also walk forward into the new lands/spaces of thought. The two are not compatible. The two are not compatible. They are not in agreement in any manner. No one can serve two masters with a mind of faithfulness. The retardation in religion is the attempt to make peace with the beast/the world which only ties humankind to the realm of mortality, remaining slaves to that which we make peace with. We are not to make peace or covenants or bonds with the world or those who do come to us with Bread and Mayim. The sayings of Yahushúo include that the maShiach does not come to bring peace to the world, but a sword.

In this regards, The Teúwrah/Torah states, that you will not perform servile/vain labor to fulfill passions after flesh which consume the energies within the members and leave no abiding sign/evidence of Illumination. Servile labors are what we are redeemed from as we are set free from the taskmasters of Mitsraim, depicting the world.

Any space that one gives to the things of this world will keep them from the things above the world, for that which is of the world dims the eyes/rings and occupies spaces belonging to our Names. The maShiach does not dwell in carnal flesh, but appears in the constructs of the Flesh of HhaDavar, as the manchyh/mincha (Bread/Manna of Life). In this manner we follow after hhamaShiach. Those that say the maShiach is of corruptible flesh deny the Father/Source/Origin of Thought that is above this world, for They_the Creators [Fathers] do not begat us into carnal garments that hang upon the shoulders of prodigals. We are not to call any one of humankind Father, for only the Unified are our Origin of Being, referring to the Kúwahnim.

What is the meaning of abstaining from meat? Ref I Tim 4:1-4.

The verses of the writings of Paul are seemingly in conflict with the Teuwrah and the Prophets. Why fore? If you read Samuel Sandmel, the Genius of Paul, you will see documentation that the church rewrote the letters of Paul for their objectives to be in opposition to the Teúwrah. Needless to say, these are correspondence between Shaul and the congregations. They are therefore one sided, as we do not have the other side of the issues or to what is being proposed. Nevertheless, in no way do these letters stand in comparative weight to the Teúwrah and the prophets. You will find in the days of the temple that many opposed the Hasmonean priests making animal offerings, and the use of the lambs for passover. Many things in the temple had become hellenized, with pictures of greek gods, and the such upon the sensor plates.

There were also debates as to who may eat certain foods. Some considered that only those who were of a certain understanding could eat meat and others could not partake until they reached a certain level of maturity. This prevented some from entering into levels of teachings, etc. This is my understanding of the text in Barnava/Timothy. While some translations speak of eating meats, the word in Barnava 4 pertains to foods, and does not specify animal flesh. The meat of the word is the thoughts that are assembled, being complex strands/Numbers of word; those who have received the milk of the word may partake of the meal/also translated as meat, but does not pertain to animals.

These was a common ground of what was acceptable as food: ref. Acts 15:20. What contained blood was not acceptable.

Sample of stuff from on-line pertaining to eating meat...

"And in fact, the evidence is convincing that the historical..... [Yahushúo] was a vegetarian." There were many faith-based vegetarians Jehudim in the era of the Sayings of Yahushúo's time, for the same reason there remain so many today (visit www.JewishVeg.com for more on Judaism and vegetarianism). They understood that the ideal was the vegetarian Garden of Eden depicted in SMB/Genesis and the Peaceable Kingdom described by the Prophets. Three issues that distinguished the Jewish religious sects that advocated living the vegetarian ideal on Earth were: 1) baptism, in readiness for the oylah offering; 2) opposition to selling animals for slaughter in the temple; 3) celebration of the Passover with unleavened bread, rather than lamb.

Preaching baptism for forgiveness of sins in place of animal sacrifice placed one clearly among the vegetarian sects of Judaism who were attempting to usher in the new age of Isaiah 11. It would not have been lost on anyone in first century Palestine that Yahuchanan, who came to "prepare a way for YahúWah," was baptizing people...the ritual of the hhakaiyuwer/the readiness of service. Isaiah 11, of course, declares that HhaALhhim are for compassion, for an age when even the lion lies down with the lamb, and there is no bloodshed at all.

Why am i not judged when i do evil?

Judgment comes when one has made a decision as to how they will walk. Making a decision by the Spirit of Dan is the evidence of self examination. The test of righteousness commences when one leaves their former state. Leaving the former is where the battle is fought and won.

There are those who think that they are OK in the Eyes of YahúWah, because though they do evil, they seemingly proceed without recompense. The more transgressions that one does, the more karma that is laid upon their shoulders. The servitude in the House of Pharoah is the paying of one's debts that are created by stealing from the House of YahúWah. Instead of building the Mishkan, they create a house of corruption with the gold of the Haykal/Temple. In that one creates a body of death, they become the servants to the form and passions that enslave them, whereby they continue to enter into the broad gate as blind sheep, which leads to death. The body of inbalance commences when the Household of Yaoquv/Jacob is divided between two kingdoms--Yahudah and Aparryim. From this division comes the division of genders and the creations of the king's meat that is abstained from by the witness of DaniAL. The king's meat is a term that refers to the flesh that is made by the division of genders. Only food formed by a unified body is acceptable to the household of YahúWah.

Judgment upon the evil done does not come until one self-imposes the correction to come within their houses. In that humankind is in the house of foreigners, demonstrates that Judgment is near. The House of YishARAL remains in Mitsraim/Egypt until 430 year, or until the inquiry and study of the Staff commences. When the Staff of maShayh and Aharuwan appear in the midst of the people, then the days of liberty are at hand, for now the members have turned their faces towards the inner Staff and the organization of the 12 that is from the House of Lauwi/Levi.

How do we cope with physical attacks and illnesses? Is being ill a sign of a spiritual problem?

The physical is subject to the Mind and the Breath, and when the physical falls down, so to speak, there are other important processes that are ongoing in the Mind and inner chambers. We know that no plagues fall upon YishARAL-the inner congregation; but defeat will be to the body of this world until all thoughts of this configuration are overturned. There has been significant reconfigurations in my outlooks during days of physical distress. Mostly, we determine that the body is under our command, and that when an illness surfaces, we are able to overturn the illness. Though I would not have chosen days of illness, I would not deny the inner configurations that occurred during those days. In that the body is weak and becomes struck, it is a sign, in some situations, that the inner branches are over powering it. Other illnesses and weaknesses are just due to the nature of the beast that we are slaying. While we seek to uphold a healthy body...it is not for the purpose to be in service to this form, but that we can perform the work of another Kingdom while in this form. There are many sides to an illness, and during these days, the thoughts of the Auwerim/Lights are strengthened that surpasses the condition of the body.

What is the content of your music CD?

Most of the CD's are of original songs that come out of prayer and studying the Teúwrah/Torah.

Here is what one person has written:

That is good piece you put together, 'Even The Angels above would love that'; it would surely put a smile on the face of the Holy One (blessed be He).

May the Greatest One be forever Praised and may you be blessed.

What is a tradition, and should we follow them?

Traditions are premeditated thoughts as to how something is to be performed, whereby the doing of the deed, is not obscure or left open, but rather is defined.

If the deed is done more than once, or repeated, it is a tradition to perform the thought according to the objectives and for the joy into which the deed is entered.

Hence, the tradition to utter words relative to what one eats, determines that what one is eating is for the fulfillment of the Letters that have been offered to be integrated into the members. We affirm that all things being consumed are in accordance with the Unified ALhhim and are a means of learning to fulfill our duties by the measures that are being received. In this manner the meal is so conducted. Otherwise, the food is eaten for the moment, to satisfy the hunger of the flesh, without consideration of the Illumination of thoughts, or the purpose in which the deed is done. Hence, the later state of eating may also become a tradition without the orientation of gratitude and the purpose of what is being received/performed.

Where would you advise one who is seeking to learn all that is within them to begin their studies in Torah so that the foundation is sound and all other messages can be built upon it? Being that there are so many distortions of the word, what have you seen that is primary and can be recommended to begin studying unto the restructuring of the mind?

In response to your question, these steps of progression are Primary.

I have tracked through the journey, and these are among the steps. The order from one to another blends into each other and reoccur:

1. Lay yourself totality in the hands the Most High and receive the measure of the Reuwach HhaQudash.

2. Study the Teuwrah from the beginning and purpose in your heart to do all of the Words of HhaTeuwrah.

3. Inscribe the Words upon the gates and within your heart and mind.

4. Seek for the Illumination and Understanding that is underneath all things.

5. Study the Letters of HhaTeuwrah in the Ancient Script; Read the orders of the ALphah Bayit documentations. All thoughts, the Numbers, the Measurements, the Words of the HhaALhhim are within the Rings of the Letters.

6. Walk in the Fire according to the daily offerings, implementing all received and giving all freely without obligation, considering your Name in Unity and oneness with all in YahúWah.

7. Implement the Letters as they open and behold within them the Numbers, whereby one enters into the Body of Rings which is our dwelling place in all generations. Enter into the 7 levels of Enlightenment, for this is the path to entering the gates of hhashavbeth/the sabbath.

What is the significance about the forehead. Can you offer some insights?

The fact that Goliath was struck in the forehead and that attention is drawn to the fact that the stone went "deeply" into his forehead seems to have some significance.

Goliath depicts haughtiness, to use the mouth to speak arrogantly against the House of YishARAL/Israel.

The taking of 5 stones is the acquiring the Words of Life from the Book of Knowledge.

This is sometimes equated to the 5 scrolls of the 7 that comprise the Torah. However, lately I have seen that the stones refer to the Stones of Life, in which are the Seeds/Words of ALhhim.

The upper forehead is the seat of Consciousness. The center forehead is the seat of Words, from which one speaks.

In the very centre of the forehead is the Throne of Gad, from which flows Words. This centre is also known as the City of Tsiyun/Zion.

The allegorical sense of the story is that one overcomes the profane use of the tongue by acquiring the Words of Life that are in the shepherd's purse/bag. The penetration of the forehead indicates that Dauwd/David overcomes the giant's control of the seat of speech, even as we overcome the blatant use of the tongue by becoming marksman with the Words of Life. The removal of the head indicates a change of mind that is subject to the Altar in Yerushaliem/Jerusalem, for this is where the head is taken.

What are your "insights" concerning psychics, crystal readers etc..? And could the messages operate through people such as these to affirm one's direction toward a goal? My concern for asking this, is that one person approached me and made a statement concerning the various changes that are soon to happen in my life.

This appears to be a growing career that affects many parts of one's life. The basis of such readings should be examined. Commonly, the reader looks to enhance the motives or interests of a person as a means to make a path way to them, whereby they have a financial hook to their pocket. No doubt, there are sincere people looking to help others; however, what is the basis of this career? Why is it needed or supported? It is a disappointment that the weak often are caught by the lure of the crystal ball. The true direction that is happening in our lives occurs at the altar daily, and does not require dollars to find out the will and movement of HhaALhhim in our lives. "Various changes to happen in a life" are not dependent upon a reader, but are dependent upon what we are doing today which will determine the subsequent moves tomorrow. All of us expect that there are changes going to happen in our lives. What we are doing today will affect those changes. hope this helps.

topic continues: So the intent isn't genuine?

The intent of the heart is seen by the Eyes of the Most High. Let us examine the matter further.

What is the need of one receiving "a crystal reading?" In that we are face to face with our Master daily and have access to the Table of the Twelve, how is it that we need to have another access to the days coming, or what pertains to any matter of our lives, when full revelation of who we are is within us, and what is becoming of us pertains to what is in our hands. If there is no genuine need, then is the intent genuine? Seeking readings and the like are an indication that one needs to give themselves upon the altar, whereby there is not a need to look for support and direction outside the parameters of the altars.

The weak are preyed upon by such services, which may bolster their confidence or hype-up their expectations, but their Foundation is not dependent upon such readings or consultations. We are to encourage one another in the things of YahuWah and to admonish each other in our Names. I recommend that members who are beginning in the things of ALhhim have an older partner in the faith to whom they may confer in thought and in prayer that they may strengthen each other in the things of HhaALhhim. We have practiced this on a monthly rotation so that the young have a direct contact to one of maturity in the congregation each month.

Crystal readings and the like pertain to Words and their use. The things that we are to speak about are to be of the heart and from the well of blessing, for to these the mouth is joined. We are to speak of motives and intents for good will. We are not to speak of what we have done with our own hands or the deeds of another. The prophecies of our Names come from the Lights in the Assembly, which pertain to our callings [CHP/Num 4:32]. According to the works assigned, so are we Named. The ones outside the Body do not have crystal readings to what is within us. The hand of Lauwi feeds us. In return to what is provided, the mouth gives its tithe to the Lauwi by speaking of Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom that has been received, for these are the measures that abide in our heart. What we are given by HhaLauwi is multiplied within us, whereby we think upon the Words spoken to us.

In return our mouth, the House of RAuwaben, gives our tithes, the full measure of the Words that have been given to us. The full measure of the Ten is the tithe from every part. This is our obligation through which we fill up the Body. The intent of what one says is seen by the Eyes of the Most High, as words spoken contain within them a motive, and have a direct consequence. What is the consequence/requirement to obtain what a crystal reader provides? The intent is evident in the consequence.

As we live upright in all matters, we have clarity in our eyes. We are to put all things in the Hands of the Collective who watch after our souls and who determine the paths of our feet and the works of our hands. To what we are shown, we are to commit ourselves wholeheartedly.

The outcome is in the Hands of HhaALhhim. If one is a tender of agriculture, then the ALhhim that pertain to each type of animal, or harvest type, are Masters of their endeavors. According to the type of work that we are engaged in, and according to our lineage, so the ALhhim tend after us. If we are of the Lauwi lineage, then HhaALhhim of Lammad-Yeuwd watch after our souls, as parents tend to the those in their household; if we are the House of Shamounn, then the ALhhim of the Uwah-Bayit watch after our souls, etc.

What is the interpretation of David being provoked by satan to number YishARAL, seeing that the numbers are of Yahudah? 1 Chron. 21:1-4

The menut/numberings were to determine the wealth and the values in YishARAL, whereby one may determine their words or sayings (use of the sword). However, we are to speak out of our Deeds, which are the implementation of the Numbers. One may count the strength of their thoughts and take confidence within them, and therefore think that they are pleasing in the Rings of HhaALhhim; however, the acceptance in the Eyes of HhaALhhim is through the Deeds, through which the Numbers are fully extended and multiplied. In that Beniyman are not counted denotes that there was not a way for an increase of the Values in YishARAL, and in that Lauwi is not counted, there is not a body for the Values to reside collectively. What is the wealth in the Seed until it is opened, grows and bears an increase? When is the count to be taken, before the planting or at the harvest? The countings are evil in the Eyes of HhaALhhim for Dauwd counted the wealth of the Thoughts but not the Deeds of the People. The lesson is a great one for us to know that our measurement and strength comes by the Deeds of the Numbers, and not by the Numbers themselves. To count the Numbers apart from the Deeds and Offerings of HhaLauwi is to fall short in the count. We are given the Numbers of YishARAL to be implemented in the offerings that righteousness and blessings shall be within the peoples/consciousness.

On Mar 7, 2008, at 10:42 AM, BayitHhaShamMidrash wrote:

RaAshYath Achi,

Response to Letter:

All history of the world will be eradicated; but the histories of ALhhim, being the Origins and the Works of HhaALhhim, abide forever. We are not to bear in our minds the histories of the present darkness, for they are only laid to be repeated in cycles and upheld as observational pivot points in the continual dredge of human slavery, bolstering the illusions through documentations that uphold the current kingdom of corruption.

To render the Writings of YishARAL as historical narratives is to form a snare in which the Names of Eternity are bound to an era of thought and its progression of materialization which is passing away. The Kingdom of Names to which we belong is eternal, and therefore every deed is sustained to the Origin of Thought from which it evolves. There is no need of history as mortals in the Kingdom of YahuWah, for such has no beginning nor end. The world of mortals is continually changing; hence, the histories of humankind are but glimpses of illusions lacking any stability and subject to the interpretation of those who are in power who write the history to their current advantage. Thus, to this end the scriptures have likewise have been set in a framework of human history for the advantage of a social group, yet historical records are not found that equate to the narratives of the Teuwrah. Though there has been a record found of one called Abraham, yet for the Abraham of the Teuwrah, who is the Auwv/Father of all Nations, there is no record! This dilemma has been presented in the synagogue, showing that there is no historical claim for the land that is called Israel today, whose markings and places have been set of late by Constantine's mother. As to the Name of Yahushuo, who has been personified as Jesus Christ, there is no historical Jesus that can be found, though there are histories of the Jews and histories of Rome of a corresponding era in which the narratives were composed to convey the Voice of the emerging Consciousness and Hope of YishARAL.

The histories of ALhhim are contained inwardly, within the Rings of HhaALhhim, where they are inscribed as the White Text. Though there are progressions of Thought and their manifestation-being expressions of Light, all Works of ALhhim are One/Unified, measurable by a scale of one to ten through which they are initiated and fulfilled.

To project ourselves as mortals is to bind our soul unto the realm of corruption, of which we are not. To say that Abraham is a historical mortal is to conform the status of an Eternal Flame unto an image of corruptible flesh. Avraham is an inherent Principle in the Unified Mind of OLiyun/The Most High, and hence has no beginning nor end. Though Avraham appears through the generations of Sham, the appearance occurs within a sequence of manifestation but such does not set the Origin of Avraham which is prior to the manifestation in the lineages of Names.

Further notes are addressed in the body of your letter which is deemed highly relevant in the light of the unfoldings, and of which I am grateful to receive.

On Mar 7, 2008, at 2:31 AM, Sons of Jacob Israel wrote:

Shalam Shmual,

Statement: I have an inquiry concerning the suggestion of the written narratives of the Holy Script not being rendered as historical events rather, positions of thought.

Response: Within this statement is the distinction between the Documentations of Reuwch and the pen of the translators. The Words of YahuWah are eternal; the historical events of humankind are glimpses that pass away. The two are not the same nor can they ever be unified.

Statement: In the understanding that all names convey positions of Thought and not actual people, is conceivable, having knowledge that all creation, whether animate or inanimate, must first and foremost be conceived within a Universal Mind construct.

Response: This statement conveys that all science and studies of known realms are founded on the Invisible Principles of Thought, which is Faith and the Attributes of Wisdom.

My question is: Why would the narratives, written in the Bible, not be rendered as historical events, (not just Thought representing a principle, which of course is inclusive), but that those events that were recorded as narratives had to first be involved as an impression of Thought, and then evloved as an expression of reality, to give to all mankind the direct intuition and perception to not only show how history has literally shaped, governed and influenced our present times, but also to know the actions and exploits of Significant People and Nations to carry out a divine plan?

Answer: evloved...I think you mean, evolved? The reasons that the Writings are not considered historical events is that they surpass all time and are not limited to any one era, but are applicable in all states of the Most High. Is this statement implying that one comes to know the Most High or the intentions of the Most High according to Significant People and Nations of this world? I think rather, chavar, that we know the intentions and deeds of the Most High through the study of the Eternal Words of ALhhim and via the performance of the oylah, at whose altars we stand evening and morning.

Statement: Utilizing this wisdom I think would assist the current state of man's Consciousness to uncover more areas of thought yet to be discovered that would unveil solutions to Earth's present dilemmas. By way of actual people having insight of things hoped for and the Faith of things unseen, which are yet to be brought forth, this would be undisputed when made known and then certified as actual events occurring through people, places and things as Historical fact.

Response: The Consciousness of a Name is determined by the Kuwahnim's Teachings; the consciousness of the world is determined by the sounds and visions of Metsryim/Egypt at their levels of resonance. What solutions to the Earth are envisioned? How can you mend that which has corruption within it unless the corruption is first removed by the Eternal Fires? What is actual and real is the Word of Yahuwah; all other events and places and things are illusionary, for though you see them today in the mirror, tomorrow they are not there. The World of ALhhim is of substance, being founded upon Faith; but the world of Belial is passing away being founded upon sand-in-cohesive principles and divisive thoughts.

Statement: Again, this comprehension, from the Thought---to the actual Manifested Explanation of Earth's History, has obviously lent itself, not only by representation of a Thought as principle, but expressly, by the outward working and operation through intents within the Mind and Hearts of righteous and unrighteous men, which have been documented in a virtual manner that point to Historical events of the future, (I understand to be called Prophecy in the Torah, and Gospel in the New Testament).

Response: The prophecy of the writings is to unfold the Seed of the Teuwrah in all states of manifestation-expressions of Light and Freedom and is not prophecy that pertains to the world that is passing away. The future is the continual Works of HhaALhhim, which we refer to a sequential progressions of Thoughts based upon the pure Thoughts of OLiyun. We have no future in the world of corruption. Most of the prophecy of the religious world is to project the mind and its eyes into a void, which is based on misreading the writings. The Land of YishARAL is not limited to places marked out by arbitrary boundaries on this sphere. The States of YishARAL include all spheres and realms of Light. The reading of the Teuwrah has been imposed upon by thoughts of this world and thus restricted by the impositions of carnality.

Statement: Therefore, I would resolve in agreement that as a Seed/Thought, must be conceived within a framework of Mind---however, a Seed/Thought, I think, reserves the right to conclude itself in an outward form of Historical evidence.

Response: The conclusion of a Seed in an outward form of historical evidence is death and separation from the Rings of Eternal Continuity. The Seed is conceived within The Body of Consciousness, upon which the Mind is formed and through which the Thoughts are expanded. As the Seed is the Unified Sayings of ALhhim, being the Word of ALhhim, the Seed never dies and its Works are Eternal in contrast to the upheavals of humankind.

I hope my inquiry is clear enough to warrant an answer. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and service.


What is the meaning of Abraham's bosom in relationship to the spheres [Luke 16:22-26]? What is the distintion of hell and torment in relation to Abraham's bosom?

The bosom is the place of forming the Seed level of one's Name. As one passes beyond, their thoughts are assembled into a Seed through which they are transmitted to the lands of their sojourning.

The greatest torment is to be outside the body of the Collective and to be without a formulation of one's thoughts to enter into a residing cooperative state. By the deeds of the Teuwrah/Torah, we demonstrate the consciousness to abide together in the Kingdom of YahúWah.

There are many uprisings of nature happening in many different parts of the world and many are swept away in these encounters. Many are questioning "Is this the wrath of God" etc. (Isa 29:6). Many are asking questions about this, how should this be addressed? We have in the past interpreted the disasters as "signs of the times" that indicate the return of the Mashich. Matt 24:3-8

In considering disasters of winds and quakes, how are the disasters viewed as the wrath of ALhhim when evil is the work of destruction, and the kingdom of darkness is divided amongst itself, whereby evil destroys itself? Unless those who have done evil cease to perform lawlessness, it will continue to emerge for it yet lives in the wayward minds and hearts. I would rather see such disasters as the instability of the world, and the mockery that comes from building within a kingdom of division, as though what we build here is a haven of sorts. I would rather see that the wrath of ALhhim comes upon the thoughts and deeds that limit the Name from ascending, striking the division internally and that which oppresses us from our service to ALhhim. I see no benefit of the ALhhim of the Rings striking places on this sphere/planet when the results do not lead to the service to ALhhim.

Should these events correspond to a time of an appearance of the son of man, then why would such signs not occur when the the son of man was to appear 2000 years ago?

Continuing in Mattithyahu 24:9, where are the corresponding actions of being delivered up, killed, hated, etc, if the earthquakes and winds and tumult of the seas are being read as intended? Jerusalem is this sphere, called eARth, that is trampled underfoot by the processes of thought-by the lust of the eyes, the distortions of sounds/interpretations, the desire of flesh and corruption, whereby the heart is ladened with miseries, etc. I see the fulfillment of the gentiles as the days of our sojourn being fulfilled in the land Metsryim, whereby we see an end to the futile processes of thought/ nations, and arise unto the deeds of making of the offerings whereby comes transformations unto a new state of residence.

What is the wrath of ALhhim?

The wrath is the inferno of discernment, like the fire that comes out of the nose when one is greatly assaulted or angered. As the Rings of ALhhim form within us, the Fire from their Collectivity, called the Fire of YahúWah, breathes down upon the worms and thoughts that are contrary to Their Unified Residence.

Can you give us some thoughts on The judgement day and the return of the Mashiach to raise the dead (as many believe when one passes beyond the body returns to earth and spirit returns to God and in some way is raised up in the last day to be judged rather it will inherit eternal life or be sentence to everlasting punishment Dan 12:1-3: 2 Cor 5:9). Why is there the fear of death and what does the judgment mean?

Death enables an unfoldment of that which is within. In death the outer form perishes-gives way to reveal the inner structure of the Living. As the life within the Seed breaks the shell in which it is housed, the inner patterns emerge. We die daily as we walk in the Lights. We sacrifice the body of our Thoughts to release the inner attributes, whereby they are given flight. Every evening and morning one of our members gives themselves totally upon the altar. From their emergence comes the revelations of that which is within the House. As we are dying daily-totally giving ourselves to YahúWah-we are in the mode of evolving and revolving with the Lights, whereby we are being changed/transformed in mind and in expressions. Our faces of yesterday are gone [Yahuchannan/John 20:7]. Today new expressions of our unity emerge. The fear of death is the sense of loosing one's image or one's possessions. In that we live unto the Faces of the Collective and in that we share all things common, there is no basis for fear we are with the Collective at all times.

When meShich/Messiah comes the dead-those silenced by the flesh-are raised-brought out from within their graves/bodies of sheol/hell where the worm feeds upon the rotten flesh. The evidence of the internal is revealed. The weight of the outward perishes, which is the judgment upon that which is in the world and all ideas which causes the world to be formed. The coming of meShich is the appearance of the SeedName that is born from the Rings of ALhhim. The evidence of the coming of meShich is with us now as the Rings of ALhhim are becoming evident. The Rings of a Tree, chavarim, are not evident until the seed dies and the evidence of the Inner Life is revealed. Such is the revelation of the Offspring of ALhhim. As the SeedName dies upon the altar of ALhhim, that which is within the Seed now rises. What we place upon the altar rises into new expressions/ faces. The Judgment Day is an Act of Evaluation. Judgment is weighing the attributes and values that one has inwardly upon the scale of Dan. What has weight perishes, for the eternal is weightless as the Reúwch and the Body of the Unified Consciousness.

How can I understand what is in the Bible? It seems there is much more in the words than on the surface.

Restricted thoughts come from the edges of a word. Most statements comprise an allegory, for this is how the inscriptions are written. Because of the lack of understanding of how the writings are written there is a lack of knowledge also. The people who decide to follow the edges walk in substandard thoughts.

To come out of Mitsraim/Egypt is coming into Wisdom and Understanding, for the two go together. When the statements of the writings are taken from the edges then one who has other thoughts then the thoughts of the ALhhim think in the manner and of the ways of the world, such as creating the "god of the world". Such thoughts create or keep the people away from the Understanding.

The 21st letter, value 21/Shayin, and the 16th letter, value 16/Oyin, are the formation of word, salvation. The 21st and the 16th Letters make what is known as Shaúwo/salvation, Wisdom and Understanding--the Shayin Oyin configuration. Wisdom is understood and inflamed within to reclaim all attributes of Light unto the Assembly. Fire is comprehended fully. The Breath is redeemed to reside above form.

Salvation is not understood by the mind which follows after a strange tongue. If the inscriptions are not interpreted to their FULL meaning then the understanding will not be in the interpretation. Thus the thoughts will fall short, for they are not being read entirely. Only the edges are being read. What is within the writings is being over looked!

A strange tongue is not going to give people the ability to walk in the word of the inscriptions. The writings of the BIBLE are therefore restricted. The presentations of the thoughts are being shown by only giving the edges of the thoughts. The book, the "Bible," does not give the full inward of the words, only the outside or edges of the words. The people are restricted for the way they read it and talk about the Bible, and they restrict themselves from entering into the word [to walk in the word].

If the inscriptions are read literally, then the book the "Bible" would have to be drawn out. All the fullness of the word needs to be opened to discover the literal meaning. Opening the word gives Wisdom and Understanding. The reading is insightful and would not lead the people out of sight--beyond the Rings of the Zayin-ALphah.

Some churches tell the people NOT to read the "Bible" because they, "the people," do not know how to read the writings. Because of the lack of comprehending, others who do read without understanding, misinterpret the text which causes many splinter groups. As a result people are unable to get along with one another. The way the writings are being interpreted, by ONLY reading the EDGES of the words, and not the complete word produce incomplete expressions and broken bonds.

When only the outside or edges of the words are being read, then the people repel from one another with different ideas and different thoughts. If they read what is within the word then they can come together and not be repelled from one another.

It is like electrons and protons in space looking for a home/a dwelling; one is negative and one is positive. They cannot come together for there is nothing that will keep them together. They continue to bump into each other yet they do not have a bond to keep them connected. The bond between them is broken for they are separate from one another without any cohesiveness. The gel to keep them together is misplaced and has not been uncovered for them. Such are like the people who are separate from each other, for the lack of the bond of love to keep them together is missing.

This is how the people are with one another. They have different ideas, and they each try to influence others of their own concepts and understandings which they themselves go by to make a majority for their ideas. Reading the outside edges of the words causes this to happen. The people cannot enter into the word for they lack the way to read the words themselves.

Within an atom there are clouds of negatively charged electrons. The atomic nucleus contains a mix of positively charged protons and electrically neutral neutrons (except in the case of Hydrogen-1, which is the only stable isotope with no neutron). The electrons of an atom are bound to the nucleus by the electromagnetic force. Likewise, a group of atoms can remain bound to each other, forming a molecule.

Thus, within a molecule one can see the works of salvation by Fire and water. Fire is in water, such as hydrogen operated vehicles which are designed for fuel economy. These vehicles use the fire within the water to make a gas which is a vapor. The vehicles burn the gases to cause combustion in the engine to propel the vehicle into motion.

The Adim/Adam are vapors, primary levels of Thought assembling as the offspring/formulations of ALhhim; a first stage of becoming; the expanding base of a pyramid/teraysarun to reveal the Unity of Breath; a source word meaning a vapor [Yaoquv/James 4:14]; a condensed thought in which the spectrum of a thought is composed, commonly rendered to be made; the mists of Mt. Arrat from which Names are composed from the Altars of the oylah/burnt offering of the Most High, whereby the Adim are many--"the Unified created them" [SMB/Gen 1:27]; the opening of the Seed within a teraysarun base for full extraction as each Name is designated with another as a pair for a dwelling in Wisdom, Understanding, or Knowledge.

Within a Word is its fullness--its fruit and ability to multiply. That which is within a Word is read with an understanding which bonds together all people and their levels of consciousness, whereby they are able to move and make progressions in following the ancient paths of YahúWah. In that the understanding vibrates the same amongst the cohesive flock of YahúWah, there are no separations amongst them. They are joined together like a molecule. There remains a cohesive unity of love and devotion to each other for the bond that holds a Word together is the same bond between them whereby their expressions to each other convey fully the understanding in them.

If the feasts are to be observed in their time and season, and we all are to observe them in their times, then how does this differ in a different solar system or place where the luminaries are not the same as ours?

Within each of the offerings are the works of ALhhim. Amongst them are the works of emergence/Pessech, the works of bearing the fruit of Shebuoúwt, and the works of the harvest of Sukkut. The works correspond to fulfill Wisdom in Pessech, Understanding in Shebuoúwt, and Knowledge in Sukkut. The festivals, as they are commonly known, are not limited to a specific day in a year. The Thoughts of the feasts are prior to the creation of the worlds for they depict the works of ALhhim through which the worlds are made. There is a Pessech in every adventure and in every offering when the blood flows. Shebuoúwt is in each offering as the first fruit are formed. There is Sukkut in every offering when the grain offering is presented. In conjunction with our solar system-an assembly of Lights- we mark the days of Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge whereby we enter into their acts in every oylah, for by marking the days we distinguish them to be affirmed in us. Through these days/acts we congregate as one people whereby we affirm the summations of all acts of Pessech, all acts of Shebuoúwt, and all acts of Sukkut Collectivity within a year.

As we speak of affirming the Works of ALhhim amongst us, we are speaking of the span of the works verses isolated examples. The acts of ALhhim are not based upon a single solar system whereby the position of the sun determines the works. Quite contrary. All solar systems are founded upon the Works of ALhhim, and when the a light is in a given position it affirms the works of ALhhim. The entire Teúwrah is spoken before the worlds are made and their states are brought into being through comprehending the Words in Shamoúnn and drawing them out of the waters of origins in Ayshshur. i.e. The 14th day for Pessech is a work that goes beyond a single day in a year. The meaning of the 14th day is the acts of the Neúwn Mind which sets the courses of our movements. From the Values of 14 in Shamoœnn we attain unto the state of 140 in Ayshshur unto 1400-the ascent of the consciousness of the Neúwn in Yishshakkar from which we emanate the full understanding of any Word and Deed of ALhhim. All in a year are formed in Shamoúnn and in Ayshshur, for everything that is made is an affirmation of Thought brought out of the waters of origins. All states therefore conform to the Teúwrah, whereby the Teúwrah is universal. The scope of the Teúwrah fills the heavens and earth which is comprised of all Names and their places in Light.

All positions of the lights correspond to the works of ALhhim. As one in their place and doing their assignment amongst others they are doing the works of ALhhim and affirmed by ALhhim, whereby they receive the grace and anointing of ALhhim. Those doing the Works of the Collective are in contrast to those who are afloat on the sea of unconsciousness, and thereby, by their positions of estrangement, are engaged in the works of belial-those without merit.

The following question discusses sexual components, which some may find offensive. How is the immortal construct of "two are one" verses those of mortal unions? Penis stuff "I KNOW" but other stuff is hard for me to comprehend.

Perhaps what you know in the world makes it hard to know other things outside the world.

There is no penis stuff to know in the immortal beings, for none of the glans are outside the unified Body. There is no slit, and there is nothing to hang out. As with the rods being two, yet one, the one who is the head also serves to be the body, whereby two are one. The pair of Names serve each other for expansion and full expressions of the Unified Enlightenment. In the immortal construct, the loin Teraysarun contains a rectangle area that has in its center a mouth of concentric circles. This is where the penis and the slit occurs in mortals. The interchange or unions of immortality is being rings to rings, whereby they are one Body.

As the rings in the heads unite, they become four faces. In the midst of the four faces is what is now known as the back of the head. In the midst, or in the centre of the united heads, there forms a rectangle for the Table of the Faces. This rectangle is like the rectangle beneath in the loins, from which the Sayings flow, as the rise to the crown and form the Bread of the Faces.