The Scope of the Midrash

The sessions of the Midrash are laying a foundation for us to render all things to the Enlightenment of all Eyes, and unto the freedom that belongs to all in maShiach, whereby we are redeemed from every state of limitation/curse and the slaveries to the lusts of the world through the eyes.

This is a very vast work, as it encompasses the thoughts of AGES, and literally, Universes. The information that has been received is laying a foundation to render the texts as they are intended to be read by all. Without this foundation, the words are translated within the mores of mortality. The realm of mortality becomes a reference point for the Words, whereby the texts are subject to the inclination of thoughts within the ones handling the texts, much to the will of the kings, such as Herod, or King James, who sought for approval during their reigns, as other translations under-minded the kings authority. Those who did not approve, were beheaded, whereby they could not speak their illumination. This beheading is ongoing in circles today, not only in religion, but also in science, which is a process of verification of an understanding and insight, and never to be thought of as opposed to revelation. For all science is based on revelation and insight and the quest of faith-the unseen. The holding back of releasing the Dead Sea Scrolls by Bishop Pike is another example of the power of religion to hold back the people from Understanding. Basically, the attempt is to keep "the silver" inside of the soul so that the peoples are held captive to a form of persuasion. Should the sheep veer from that fold, they are terrorized with threats of damnation, or excluded from their communities, or death. To various degrees persecutions continue in Islam, Orthodoxy, Amish, etc. It is more important to be "Right" than to be Illuminated.

The Words of the Teúwrah/Torah are spoken beyond and above the realm of mortality. The Teúwrah is intended to provide a construct of thought, like a House, in which all ideas may be tested/incubated, known, and then fully expressed. I have found few during the journey that see the greater picture of what is transpiring in the Midrash, although I have been indeed blessed by the fellowship who look into the work and glean as far as their mores will permit them to investigate. Some have the Eyes that can escape the evoking of emotions in the black text and are able to look beyond for the hidden meanings and intentions of the writing. There are language skill that are needed to accomplish this task. That is why during my former years I had to commit to language development and to pursue the ancient tongue that yet is unfolding, as modern influences are scaled off. The willingness to let the influences imposed on the text and the tongue be scaled off will enable us to enter into the consciousness of the Words, for if we hang on to the mores of what is generally accepted, we will limit the extent of what there is to see from those who have imparted to us the Light of Teúwrah.

Each of us belong to one of the Seven Levels of Teúwrah Thought. Within each House there are Masters and Servants. The Masters are the Thoughts of Enlightenment that each Name belongs unto as a slave. We are bought by a Master as the thirty pieces of silver are expended for our Names, whereby we are not our own. The 30 pieces of silver is the shelling out of the values of Understanding within the Staff/Lammad of AL, whereby every Name is acquired. The words of Rav Shaul ring out clear: For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify AL in your dwelling [I Cor 6:19-20].

Your fellow chavar and servant of Rayshun HhaTerreni,