Regarding Evil Spirits

Evil spirits are levels of intelligence that are incomplete, and thus unable to establish a parameter to become defined into a body. They seek to inhabit another body whereby they may be expressed. Any land is a space to bring forth the traits and faces of the Names who reside within the land. Between the Letters are spaces. Each space pertains to a state of residence. These spaces are to be guarded against incomplete thoughts exhibiting a face or expression through the members which pertain to the Letters of the spaces. For example, the Dallath pertains to the heart, which is the door into a house. Between the Dallath and the Kephuw is a space, from 4 to 11. This is the space between the heart and the gate of the mouth. When what one is thinking is not of the same thought of the heart, there is an incomplete thought. One may be thinking of a lust, but speaking of freedom from lust. The space between the Letters of the Dallath and the Kephuw is 7, the value of completeness. When the space is not perfect, then shadows or other incomplete levels of intelligence may enter there.

The Sayings of YahushĂșo cast out the evil spirits into swine. Swine are compatible forms for incomplete thoughts, for swine are unclean. The swine appear externally to be clean, but they lack inward harmony of parts in that they do not chew the cud. In that they have the cloven foot, a sign of the clean, which conveys a distinguishing walk, they do not have the attributes of consideration, contemplation, and mercy; therefore, they are unclean for your soul/expression. They are like one who is religious that walks with the sword, but uses it wildly without consideration. When evil spirits are driven out, they are sent into corresponding states via which they are transferred from one state to another. The swine are driven into the waters to be drowned. The drowning of the swine is to extinguish the incomplete intelligence, which is like a smoking ember. In driving the swine into the waters, the incomplete intelligence is extinguished from the member, as a candle that is turned upside down in a jar of water.