A Saying of Peace

We advocate quashing all types of slander, degradation, psychological and physical abuse to any member of society. We affirm a path to all peoples including those of various religious orientations, including but not limited to peoples of Ancient Tribes, Jews, Christians, Arabs, Muslims, Buddhist, Hindus, without fears, discrimination and mistrust.

As servants of YahúWah, we stand united lest we propagate internally that which was imposed upon us externally. We are of an Understanding heart and thereby consider the tensions of religious wars and conflicts which we condemn in the name of peace and unity. We seek to put underfoot the wrongs of the past, including the degrading interpretation of wars that have been recorded in the sacred texts. War, as used in the sacred texts, refers to drawing together one's strength to combat that which is divisive within each of us and that which limits our illumination.

War was never intended to convey the killing of another human being or to violate the rights of another. As we are all One Family and One Breath, to war against another person violates our very basis of existence and the faces of our Unity. We proclaim a war upon the ideas of darkness that have plagued our world into acts of destruction, greed, self-exaltation, and the confusion and separateness of mortality.

We ask, in faith, that every person consider the very best for each member of our society. When you see another person that appears outwardly to be different, throw out a string between you and them and draw them into your Presence that you may comprehend their expression of life, knowing that your inward patterns of life are the very same.

Where we have failed to be amongst the ALhhim (Elohim) to cultivate one another with intelligence, liberty, fairness, Knowledge, nobility, and the mastery of collective living, we ask for correction with understanding.

We extend our compassion and sympathy to all who suffer, and with such we give our Light that all may rise above suffering. May any sense of loss become a lasting gain of understanding, knowing that through sufferings for righteousness, the quest of living is being taken to higher perspectives.

In recognition of our great heritages and bonds of living, we uphold freedom for all to live in liberty, love, joy and peace.