The Troubles/Tribulation of Yaoquv/Jacob come to an End

The tribulation of Yaoquv/Jacob commences in the loss of Yusphah/Joseph and shall cease as all 12 Houses of Yaoquv are redeemed out of the hands of Mitsraim and out of the hands of all nations unto which they have become servants. The trouble arises within the Land of Canaan when the House of Yaaqov strips Yusphah of the garment of full spectrum and sells their brother unto the Yismaelites, whereby Yusphah/Joseph comes into Mitsraim/Egypt/duality. This violation of Unity transpires within the Branches of Knowledge. Via this self-imposed curse, the divisive thought now enters into all levels of dwelling, whereby the split-body appears or becomes manifested as a fruit of transgression. The selling of Yusphah is the tearing apart of the unified garment, whereby the flesh is torn into two parts, or into a state of duality-male and female. Until the split body is mended, the trouble continues. The cry of the Mind is heard in the ears of all of the members of a household, for this is the Tribulation that comes upon the wounded Head of Yaaqov commonly referred to as Jacob's troubles.

With a pure language the tribulation of Yaoquv/Jacob comes to an end, and with it the dissolution of the mortality. Mortality will cease, for it is a divisive state of gender and self projection. The thoughts of mortality abide in a corruptible, incompatible dwelling that has no rest nor endurance. The trouble of Yaoquv is the perplexed state of the Mind-how can Breath, that is immortal, come to abide in rags-as the human body that perishes?

The mortal state is as the grass of the field that withers and dies, and with it the number base upon which it is founded. The tongues that mortals speak will likewise cease, whereas the language of The Word of YahúWah, which is according to the Numbers of the kuwahnim/priests abides forever. We must overcome the number base of mortality that is within the members of corruptible bodies. In that the number base of the mortal body is not sound, it falters and cannot continue. We overcome the number base of mortality by the blood of the Lamb that runs from the Seed of Beniyman/Benjamin. As the Numbers of the Lamb arise into the consciousness, the body of mortality, called the harlot, is overthrown, and the battle of the Lamb is won. Then the Kings of the whole earth shall rejoice!

When the Names stand upon the Word of YahúWah, they are like Trees planted by the Waters. Those who are planted in the basin of Knowledge-hhakaiyúwer/laver, yield their fruit in their season, and their leaves do not wither. The leaves that do not wither are the garments upon the Tree of Life, and they refer to the immortal state. Those who are planted by the River at the base of Yusphah are known, for they make the offerings which bring forth the full nature of abiding in the branches of Knowledge, which are in the Words of HhaKuwáhnim/The Priests.