Origins and Insights

YæHH 15 (Yah/Jah), 11th Edition
A published Midrash text providing insight and understanding of Yah and the Fathers of Fire.
An explanation of the Messiah as Yahushua/Yahoshuo. Who is the Messiah? What is the Name of the Father and the Offspring (Mishle/Prov 30:4)? What does it mean that the Messiah is formed within you (Gal 4:19)? From whence does the Messiah come or appear? How is the Messiah the beginning and the end of the age? How is the Creation made through the meShich/Messiah saved by the meShich?
Within compound Names of Light are SUBSTANCE around which narratives are woven, linked step to step with progressions of evolutions. Core elements of the worlds are the subject of these few pages set with key formularies to joyously take hold of the mysteries.
Live your design with the words of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding. Discovery anew your design as the tabernacle.
The Writings of the Chassidim of whom are the Essenes
The Names of Documents of the Shlichim/Those sent as Apostles