Neviim, the Prophets

Here are some comments for I ShmuAL 7:1-2.

The Ark references the Mind where we store up the Teachings that unfold from the Heart. The values of Twenty correspond to the Tree of Life. All of the Numbers have their unique formulation of Letters, but the Values of 20 are the same as 10, for the values of 20 are the multiple works of one's hands. The fruit of the Tree are born according to the Words that we accept to abide within our Minds. The verse indicates that those in the City/Kiriath of Yoryim/Jearim had brought up the Teachings in their Minds. The location pertains to a part of the Mind that is devoted to those who are willing to give themselves fully to perform the Words of the Law. The city is on the boundary of Yahudah and Beniyman (Judah and Benjamin), which indicates that is in the region of the mind that pertains to the Teachings of Numbers and the SeedWord in which they abide; (Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah 17:15; Yahushuo/Joshua 9:17). This city is a gathering place of trees/groves, a structure of thoughts as the honey comb that are clustered together as trees, meaning that the teachings of the Ark are grouped together to make a stand of Trees within the Mind.

Twenty years means the study of the Words of Life contained in the Ark. This verse conveys that as one accepts the Teuwrah/The Words and Teachings of the Law that are contained in the Ark of YahuWah, they come to fulfill the Teachings, for it is only by the study (year) of the Deeds of the Law (twenty) that one is able to fulfill them. As a result of the study of the Words, one keeps/maintains the Ark unto the days/acts of their fulfillment/perfection. The verse is ladened with details and Names that pertain to how one is to accept the Teachings by incorporating the Names of the Offspring of Aaron, Nadav and ALozar/Eleazar into the narrative. For we must accept the Teachings through the House of Aaron, who is in charge of the Ark forever. These Names pertain to the acceptance of the Source of the Teachings and the sanctification of the Mind of ALozar to keep the Words until they are opened, whereby the Words are extended into corresponding deeds of Faith. Deeds of Faith are those that come from the Origin of the Words, whereas other deeds come by doing things. Those who engage in deeds without knowing why they are commanded, or without ascertaining the root of the practice, engages their members/body parts into works without faith. Though what they are doing appears outwardly acceptable, the inside of their mind is darkened as to why they are doing what they put their hands to perform.

The Name of Nadav is the level of priesthood that is charge of the origins of Thought. The Name of ALozar is the side of the priesthood, and therefore the side of the Ark, that pertains to the revelation and the awakening of the Teachings whereby they are fully implemented by Faith.

The narrative is ShmuAL/I Samuel 7 is the basis for the discussions contained in the writings of Yaoquv, commnonly known as James and relates of many things spoken by Yahushuo.

The verses of I ShmuAL 7:1-2 pertain to the requirements to study the Teuwrah/Torah in order that one may perform the Sayings in an acceptable manner from the inside out. Otherwise one performs their system of beliefs blindly. While they make confessions by their mouth and commit their hands to do the practices of their religion, the inside of the cup is darkened without Understanding.

In 1 Samuel 7, why did the Ark stay in Kiriath-jearim for 20-years? Was there something significant about this location?