Bet HaShem's

Paleo-Hebrew Torah

Sefer Maaseh Bereshith 1:1

Bet HaShem Midrash is pleased to announce the availability of an Ancient Hebrew Torah. The Masoretic text has been transliterated into Ketav Levonah, with traditional word divisions retained. One-inch margins and twelve-point, double-spaced type on single-sided 8.5x11 paper, the printed version allows plenty of room for making notes. Designed for study, The Torah in Paleo Hebrew: the Writings of Light; ca. 277 pages.

Information on obtaining the printed version is found on the Order Form, where you will also find a donations field at the bottom of the page should you prefer downloading and would care to pledge an offering to support development of future Torah materials. A drilled, three-hole version suitable for loose-leaf binding and a spiral-bound version of the Ancient Hebrew Torah have been prepared. Perfect binding is available by request. When e-mailing questions to BHM, be sure to specify in the subject field the items to which your questions pertain.

 For web viewing, the best option is the Torah in .gif format. Chapters are linked at the bottom of each page, with dedicated pages provided for each chapter. Each page also has links to the other books of Torah. Very convenient reference tool.

A single-spaced version of the Paleo-Hebrew Torah for in-depth study is available in pdf format in five separate compressed files. These files print well but take some time to download. You will need both to install Acrobat Reader (complete with browser plugin if you opt for online viewing) and to install the font appropriate to your platform.

Torat HaQavah: Bereshith 1:1ff. displayed in cubed blocks

The Septuagint Torah and the needed Greek fonts

Downloads of pdf Torah and Paleo-Hebrew Language Tools

Select the Download Linked File option (right-click) for browser-based downloads of pdf Torah:

All Platforms, embedded fonts: [Genesis] 7.4 megs [Exodus] 6 megs [Leviticus] 4.4 megs [Numbers] 6.1 megs [Deuteronomy] 5.2 megs